What is contactless? why should you use it?

Contactless technology is another way that your NassPay Prepaid Mastercard can communicate with a  point of sale (POS) terminal in a shop, restaurant or paying for your transportation in some cities around the world with only ONE TAP – completing the transaction in seconds. The terminal will light up or beep to let you know that the payment has been completed, without the need to sign a receipt or enter your PIN number.


This transaction is enabled by the underlying technology, commonly referred to as near field communication (NFC).


NassPay Prepaid Mastercard was the first contactless card to be provided in Iraq in 2017. Now Contactless payment is a feature that is being included in increasing number of debits, credit and prepaid cards in Iraq. In fact, it has become mandatory by Mastercard and Visa for all banks and financial institutions to incorporate contactless in all their issuing cards over the world.



Next time you get a chance and see the CONTACTLESS sign on a POS terminal try making your payment and you will see how easy and fast it is to complete your transaction. It is also one of the safest methods to make a payment. There is no need to carry cash or change and you can easily track your purchases on your statement.


Furthermore, Contactless only works when a card is within a few centimetres of the terminal, making it virtually impossible for any details to be intercepted while in use. Any data obtainable from a contactless card is visible on the front of the card and would be of limited use to a fraudster. The visible details could not be used to make a cloned card. Although contactless cards do not normally require a PIN, after a certain number of transactions you might nevertheless be prompted to enter your PIN on the POS terminal to reconfirm that indeed it is you the cardholder making these payments – another way to protect you from fraud.


Don’t worry duplication of payments is highly unlikely to occur too. As the terminal has to be prepared for each and every transaction, either by a retailer’s cashier or by you at an unattended terminal before a purchase can be made. The terminal (POS) will light up or beep to let you know that the payment has been completed. If you make a wrong payment, simply ask the Cashier to cancel the transaction or refund you the mistaken amount which is as easy as using the CHIP and PIN feature.



Another advantage of using the Contactless payment especially while traveling abroad, you can easily pay to get on the bus, train and tram to move around in more than 150 global cities around the world including, London, Milan, New York, Dubai, Sydney, Bangkok, Vancouver, Singapore and others. There is no need to look for a money exchange office to convert your cash to the local currency or ask people how and where to buy tickets to use the train or bus, simply tap the terminal on board and enjoy your holiday.


In some countries even vending machines accepts Contactless payment, which you can use your NassPay Prepaid Mastercard to buy a local sim card at the airport, a drink or a chocolate bar while moving around the city.


NassPay takes out the hassle in making payments, because life is too precious and should be spent on the things you enjoy and the people you love.