About us


NassPay is a leading online and offline payment solutions provider in Iraq. We operate reliable and secure payment solutions that enables our merchant clients to expand their customer reach throughout the country. As well as provide alternative banking solutions to the largely unbanked individuals in our country wherever they go.

We take pride in our achievements and aim to continue to be a pioneer by broadening our payment solutions to further improve the purchasing experience of our customer.



To be the key B2B & B2C payment service provider in Iraq.


To make significant contribution to the development of Iraq’s payment process through providing pre-paid credit cards and e-money processing.


To become the leading payment solution provider in the country to provide our customers with the ability to make card payments, process online payments and have access to mobile money services.

CEO Message

Waleed Khalid


The story of Iraq today is one of change. The country is now more connected, enabled and innovative than ever before. Economic development has set the stage for local businesses to thrive, while new trade agreements and legislations have opened up the country to international investment. With all these exciting changes, our country still holds plenty of untapped potential, especially in the financial sector. Technological innovation, high smartphone penetration and unique structural factors like demographics and urbanisation require new digital solutions to provide the millions of unbanked people and businesses access to vital financial services.

Filling this gap is the reason NassPay was created – an end-to-end fintech payment solutions provider. Our extensive technical know-how and distribution channels, innovative technology, and impressive credentials position us as a trustworthy partner to individual consumers, government, banks, NGOs and businesses of all sizes.

In today’s exciting world of payment, these advantages are crucial to success. Wherever you look, there are new innovations being announced, new challenges to overcome, and new players entering the financial sector. But to truly make a positive impact your goal has to be enabling instant payment, enhancing customer service experience, strengthening security and maintaining trust. Through our integrated network of products, we strive to provide these exciting opportunities and open up a whole new world of possibilities to the people we serve.

The people NassPay’s financial innovations empower come from all walks of life. We provide individual consumers with access to international payment cards for their everyday purchasing needs, online or instore, allowing them to pay bills and manage their spending more effectively wherever they go in the world, without the need for a bank account. Government institutions, NGOs and businesses can tap into our services of “instant deposits” to pay the salaries of their employees across the country regardless of their payroll size. Through our payment gateway, they can increase their payment acceptance from cash to credit cards and mobile wallet. Providing these mobile and digital features is essential for facilitating market expansion via the world of e-commerce, and for enabling an e-government.

Changing the culture of payment from cash to electronic and mobile brings clear benefits: better customer experiences, financial inclusion, and increasing operational efficiency, transparency and accountability. However, to realize these benefits, we need to change the mindset of our society. This can only be achieved through greater support from all—the government, banks, fintech, and financial service providers like NassPay. These organizations must play a leading role in amending and updating regulatory procedures, as well as increasing the understanding and perception of how these products and services can enrich people’s lives today and tomorrow.

By removing cash, one of the biggest obstacles to steady economic growth and international connectivity, we’ll further our country’s development and embolden everyone—regardless of wealth, gender, age, or profession—to take charge of their own finances and embrace the future of cashless payment. Join us as we build a new payment culture for Iraq—and throw open the door to the rest of the world.