About the Card

What is a NassPay Card?

NassPay card is a multipurpose international prepaid MasterCard that enables you to manage your finances and make purchases whether online or in-store.

Where can I use my NassPay card?

Your NassPay is accepted worldwide anywhere you see the MasterCard sign. Within the MasterCard network you have access to over 30million ATMs in over 200 countries.

You can also use your card to make online and in-store purchases wherever you go in country and the world.

Is there a joining annual or monthly fee to have a NassPay card?

No. You only pay a one-time fee of $25 for your NassPay card with a validation date of TWO years.

How can I check my balance?

You can check your available balance 24 hours a day via our partner Cihan Bank ATM network and through your online account either through or by downloading the NassPay IOS or Android app.

Download the iOS app HERE.NassPay on iOS
Download the Android app HERE.NassPay on Android

My NassPay card will expire soon, what shall I do?

We recommend you visit one of our nearest Branches, to be issued a new NassPay card. Once your new card is activated, our customer service representative will be able to process the transfer of your available balance which can take up to 3 working days.

Do I have to purchase a new card if my NassPay card is lost or stolen?

You have to purchase a new NassPay card as the old one is no longer valid. The full retail fee applies.

Can I be re-issued with the same 16-digit card and PIN number if my NassPay card is expired?

You cannot be re-issued you with the same card number as for security reasons each NassPay card is protected with its own unique number and PIN code.

Does the NassPay Card work with PayPal?

PayPal services are not available for Iraq and some other regional countries.

Can I get my NassPay Prepaid Mastercard delivered to me?

Can I get my NassPay Prepaid Mastercard delivered to me?
Yes. You can order your personalised NassPay Prepaid Mastercard simply by completing the NassPay At Home online order form available from here. Get NassPay at Home

Then sit back and wait for our Customer Care Team to deliver your active and preloaded NassPay Prepaid Mastercard to your doorstep.

For more information on how to complete the NassPay At Home form, visit here. Get NassPay at Home

NassPay APP

Do NassPay have an App?

Yes. You can download the NassPay app on iOS or Android to check your transactions, update your details, find answers to your questions and chat to our customer care team in your own convenience.

To download NassPay on iOS CLICK HERE. NassPay on iOS

To download NassPay on Android CLICK HERE.NassPay on Android

How to get NassPay MasterCard

Where can I get a NassPay card?

Visit one of our nearest Branches located throughout Iraq. To find your nearest branch simply visit the NassPay branch locater.

Do I need a bank account to get a NassPay card?

You can become a NassPay cardholder by visiting one of our nearest Branches. All you need to do is provide ONE form of ID to our customer service representative with your contact detail to process your application. You will receive your activated card on the spot.

What is the Price of a NassPay card?

The NassPay MasterCard available in a US Dollar currency and valid for two years costing only $25.

As the NassPay card is an anonymous MasterCard, your name will not be printed on it. However, if you require this service there will be an additional $5 charge. This service, to print your name on your NassPay card is available at the NassPay branch Jouhaina Building, 100 Meter Street, Erbil, Sunday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm, also it is available at the Nasspay Branch in family mall Erbil from 11:00 am to11:30 pm.

How can I purchase and activate a NassPay card?

You can purchase your NassPay card by visiting our nearest Branches. You will need to provide ONE form of ID to our customer service representative, with your contact details (mobile number and email address) to complete the registration process. Your card will be activated within the spot with no minimum balance required. It is that simple.

You can add credit and use your card instantly.

What form of identification do I need to have to get a NassPay card?

You only need ONE of the following identification to register your NassPay card:
▪ Passport
▪ Nationality Certificate
▪ Civil Status ID
▪ Residency Card (Foreign residence)
▪ Zanyari Card / Residency Card (Iraqi Nationals)
▪ In addition to a valid email address that you have access to, with your address and contact number.

Can I get an additional card for my family?

Yes, you can purchase up to 5 NassPay cards on your name and give it to your friends and family members as gifts. Please note you will be the primary cardholder and the account will be in your name. You will be able to access the card’s online account and monitor its transactions.

Should you wish for your family members to have their own card and personal access to their online account, then you must register it under their name.

How to reload NassPay MasterCard

How do I reload or add credit to my NassPay card?

Simply visit our nearest Branches with the full amount you wish to add to your card and one of our customer service representatives will be able to upload it for you instantly. You will receive a text message (SMS) confirming the upload. You should always keep a copy of your receipt for your records.

What is the NassPay card monthly reload limit?

The NassPay card has one of the highest reload limits available in Iraq. You can upload and spend up to $10,000 USD onto your account per month.

PIN Number and ATM services

What is a PIN number and why use it?

Personal Identification Number (PIN) is the 4-digit security access code that belongs to your NassPay card. You are the only person who knows your PIN which makes it more secure to use than signing.

Note some retailers may only accept PIN authorisations for purchases, especially within the EU.

Can I change my PIN number?

Yes, you can change your PIN number to memorable 4-digits, free of charge through any of our partner Cihan Bank ATM network 24 hours a day. You should however avoid using a PIN that contains repeating characters (i.e 3333) or digits in sequences (such as 1234) or numbers that can be traced to you for instance your birthday.

For security reasons NassPay will never ask you for your PIN number and you should not share it with anyone.

How do I reset or change my PIN number?

You can change your existing PIN at any time at our partner Cihan Bank ATMs located across Iraq . Simply place your NassPay card into the ATM and follow the onscreen instructions, as below:

▪ Enter existing PIN number
▪ Note; if you insert your PIN incorrectly THREE (3) times, the ATM will retain the card.
▪ Select “language” (You can choose from Kurdish/Arabic/English)
▪ Select “Other services”
▪ Select “PIN Code Change”
▪ Enter your new PIN number (Remember to avoid using repeating characters or digits in sequences)
▪ You will receive a message saying “Transaction is being processed”
▪ If successful then it will say “Thank you” and ask you to “Enter your New PIN number”
▪ Re-Enter new Pin Code
▪ Should the process have been completed successfully you will see “Your PIN has been changed please remove your card”.

You should make a note of your new PIN code and remember to use it for all your future transactions. The old PIN number no longer will work.

Do I need a PIN when using contactless technology?

Your NassPay card is embedded with contactless technology which is a fast and easy way to pay with no PIN or signature. A convenient way to pay for people on the move. The limit of contactless payment varies from one country to another.

I have forgotten my PIN can I request a re-issue online or by email?

In order to protect the security of your NassPay card and personal information we are unable to provide you with a PIN via email. You must visit our nearest Branches to request a new PIN. You will be charged $5 for this service and it will take up to 5 working days to complete the process.

How can I withdraw cash from my NassPay card and do I need my PIN?

You can withdraw cash from any of our partner Cihan Bank ATM network using your PIN number.

While other providers will charge a fee, ATMs of the banks that are connected to the National Switch will charge 2000 IQD only (or its equivalent of $2 for withdrawals in USD).
You should check each ATM transaction carefully before agreeing to withdraw your funds.

Do I need my PIN to make online or over the telephone payments?

NO. Your PIN is only applicable when you are physically purchasing products at the point-of-sale (POS) or withdrawing cash from an ATM. You will need the CVC number, the last 3-digit at the back of your NassPay card to authorise online purchases.

You should never share your PIN with anyone especially if you are purchasing online or engage in virtual transaction.

My card has been retained by the ATM. What should I do?

You should immediately contact the NassPay customer service team on +964 750 3000 300. One of our customer service professionals will process your request and will arrange retrieving and unblocking your card from the ATM. Please bear in mind this process could take up to 2 working days from the time of your call.

What is the NassPay card daily withdrawal amount?

You can withdraw up to $3,000 per a day from any our partner Cihan Bank ATM network across Iraq.

Online card services

How can I access my online account?

Visit NassPay website and enter your log in details that you can retrieve from your printed contract.

I’ve forgotten my Online account details and I cannot log in. What shall I do?

If you cannot remember your log in details you can retrieve it from your printed and signed contract.

If you’ve forgotten your log in Password, you can easily reset it online by clicking on “Forgotten your Password”and entering the e-mail address your card is registered on with NassPay. This would be the e-mail address you provided during the purchase of your NassPay card and can be found on your contract.

Can I change my online account password?

We recommend you change the computer-generated password provided to you during the registration of your NassPay card online as soon as you log on to your account.
To protect your privacy and security NassPay will never ask you for your password and you should never share it with anyone.

How do I change my address and personal details?

The easiest way to change your address and contact details including telephone number and email address instantly, is to do it via your ONLINE ACCOUNT”.

Log in to your online account and choose ‘Account Management’ on the left-hand side. You can change your email in the ‘Update your Username’ section and your telephone number/address in the ‘Edit Contact Details’ section.

How can I monitor my balance and transactions?

You can monitor your recent transactions and balance 24 hours a day in your own comfort by logging on to your online account.

Your online account will be updated every 24 hours and certain transactions might take longer to appear due to the processing period it requires from the merchant side.

Why is there a delay between my purchases and seeing the transaction on my account?

There are a number of reasons for the delay in your transactions appearing on your online account, such as:

▪ NassPay customer account is updated every 24 hours.
▪ Your order has not yet been processed.
▪ The merchant has yet to send the transaction details to the bank/processor.

How can I get a copy of my financial statement?

Sign on to your online account and select the ‘Your Statement’ tab on the left-hand side. You then can choose to either print your statement or generate a PDF version

What can I do to protect my account information?

You must keep your username and password safe and do not share it with anyone. Make sure no one can see it when you sign in and out of your account. If you are using public computers or someone else’s devise you must ensure that you have securely logged out and your details are not stored automatically.

I have made a transaction but it does not appear on my online account. Why is that?

There are two states of a successful transaction: “Matched” or “In Instance”. “Matched” transactions are successful transactions that have been approved and confirmed by the merchant. This type will appear on your online account within 24 hours. Meanwhile, “In Instance” transactions are successful transactions that are still in process by the merchant. Since this is a pending transaction, the total amount is deducted from your total balance but yet to appear on your online account until the process is complete.
Should you want to enquire about such a transaction, contact NassPay Customer Service in the following ways:
▪ Customer Service +964 750 3000 300
▪ On-Line Chat via

What to do if I cannot recognise a transaction or name of merchant on my account?

Some merchants may bill under a different name other than their operating name. However, if you still have a question about the transaction or its amount you must contact the merchant directly.

Online transactions

What is a CVC or CVV or Card Security Number and why do I need it?

The CVV number (card verification value), also referred to as the CVC or Card Security Number is printed on the signature panel on the top right hand corner. The number is used to verify your card number and that you are the cardholder when making online payments where it is not possible for the merchant to get a signature or PIN authorisation. Most major retails require you enter the CVV as mandatory to authorise your purchase.

Keep your CVC number secure to prevent fraudulent use of your card. Like your PIN number it is highly sensitive and must be kept secure.

Can I use my NassPay Card to buy gift cards?

Yes. You can use your NassPay Card to buy gift cards for AppStore, Google Play Store, PlayStation Store, XBOX Store, and many other platforms.

Travel with NassPay

Can I use my NassPay card outside of Iraq?

You can use your NassPay card abroad to make purchases and to withdraw local currency from cash machines (ATMs) whenever you need it wherever you go. Simply look for the MasterCard sign and follow the instructions on the ATM screen. Through the MasterCard network you have access to 30million ATMs in 200 countries.

Your NassPay card is the safer option than carrying large amount of cash.

I would like to use my NassPay card outside Iraq. What do I need to do before I travel?

Before you travel abroad make sure you add the required balance onto your card at any of the NassPay branches throughout Iraq.

Make sure you know your 4-digit PIN number and if you’ve forgotten or lost it, please contact us a minimum 5 working days in advance of your travel date so we can send you a new one. Many countries in the world, especially within the EU have a high coverage of Chip and PIN, which means you will not be able to make purchases if you do not know your number.

It is important that your contact details especially your e-mail and mobile number is up to date to ensure you are able to receive your text alerts. To do this simply log in to your NassPay on-line account or visit your nearest local branch.

How can I add funds/reload money onto my NassPay card if I am abroad?

Anyone can add funds/reload money onto your NassPay in Iraq providing they have your 16-digit card number and your full name.

Can I use my contactless card abroad?

Yes, you can use your contactless card abroad anywhere where the indicator is displayed. Note, the contactless transaction limit may vary from one country to another. In most countries, you can use your contactless card to pay for buses, tubes, trams and train journeys.

Contactless: A convenient way to pay

What is a contactless payment card and how can I use it?

A contactless payment card is embedded with an NFC technology (near field communication), which means you can pay for items by tapping the card above a payment reader or POS terminal. Once you hear the beep and or/see a green light it means your payment is complete. This makes payment faster, simpler and more secure.

What is contactless?

Contactless technology is another way that your card can communicate with a retailer’s point of sale (POS) terminal with one tap.

NassPay Mastercard was the first Contactless prepaid card to be provided in Iraq in 2017. Now Contactless payment is a feature that is being included with an increasing number of debits, credit and prepaid cards in Iraq and all over the world.

The underlying technology, commonly referred to as near field communication (NFC), enables the contactless use of a card.

Contactless cards enable the payment transaction to take place by simply holding the card or mobile phone near a dedicated spot on a retailer’s point of sale terminal. The terminal will light up or beep to let the cardholder know that the payment has been completed.

Why should I use contactless payments?

It’s fast
Contactless card payments have been designed to make life easier for cardholders.

It’s easy
Simply touch your contactless card or device against the reader to pay in seconds.

It’s secure
There is no need to carry cash or change and you can easily track your purchases on your statement.

How do I know if I have “contactless” on my card?

A card that has contactless functionality looks much the same as a standard chip-and-PIN card, but the design will incorporate a “contactless” logos, such as:

Where can I use contactless?

Contactless technology is used widely around the world especially in European countries, where it is available at various retailers, vending machines, parking meters, public transport systems, and so on.

Transaction limits may differ from one country to another.
NassPay MasterCard is accepted on the public transport network of 150 global cities, from London and Milan to Sydney, Bangkok, Mexico City, New York, Vancouver, Dubai, Singapore and many more. Simply tap and move around the city in your own comfort without the need to carry small change, exchange money or que up to buying tickets for your train, bus or tram journey.

How do I know if contactless is accepted?

A retailer which accepts contactless payments will display the following symbol at the sales terminal.

How secure is contactless payment?

Contactless card payments benefit from the same range of features found on a standard chip-and-PIN card, making them safer than cash.

Contactless only works when a card or device is within a few centimetres of the terminal, making it virtually impossible for any details to be intercepted while in use. Any data obtainable from a contactless card is visible on the front of the card and would be of limited use to a fraudster. The visible details could not be used to make a cloned card. Although contactless cards do not normally require a PIN, after a certain number of transactions you might nevertheless be prompted to enter your PIN on the point of sale terminal to check your identity and prevent fraud.

Duplication of payments at retailers’ terminals is highly unlikely to occur too, as the terminal has to be prepared for each and every transaction, either by a retailer’s cashier or by you at an unattended terminal.

Customer Support

How do I contact NassPay if I need help or more information?

You can contact NassPay in the following ways;
▪ Customer Service +964 750 300 0300
▪ On-Line Chat via

Seek advice from your operator for international call charges.

What should I do if my NassPay card has been lost or stolen?

If you think your card has been lost or stolen, you should call us immediately on the NassPay customer service number +964 750 300 0300 . Lines are open 7 days a week from 8:30am to 12 midnight.

Providing you let us know as soon as you realise your card is lost or stolen, we will be able to block your card and protect your available balance. Once you been issued with a new NassPay card, inform our customer service team to process the transfer of your available balance from the old card. You must have a copy of your original contract and be able to proof your identity. This process can take up to 3 working days, from Sunday to Thursday to complet.

Please bear in mind once your card is cancelled/blocked we will not be able to undo the process. You will have to purchase a new NassPay card as a replacement. We advise you to request the blocking or cancelling of your card only when you are certain it has been lost or stolen.

What do I do if my NassPay card is not working or declined?

Do a few checks first:

▪ Check you have sufficient funds
▪ Check your card is not damaged
▪ Check your card is not expired
▪ Ensure your card has not been blocked on your instruction
▪ Make sure you are using the correct PIN
▪ If you are purchasing online, check you have entered the card number, CVC/Security Number and other details correctly.
▪ Check that MasterCard is accepted as a method of payment in the place you are trying to use your card

If it still doesn’t work, contact Customer Services on +964 750 300 0300

I would like to make a complaint. How can I do that?

Please send us an email to clearly stating your full name, card number and telephone number. In your own words explain the issue you are complaining about with as much detail as possible.
We aim to respond within 2 working days.

Have more questions?

Submit a request form through your online account by clicking on the Help & Support icon on the left hand-side.
Alternatively contact customer services on +964 750 300 0300or via the website LIVE CHAT.

Want to be updated with NassPay products and services. How can I do that?

You can join us on our social media channels and you will find a constant news as well as useful tips and guides to help you understand your NassPay card’s benefits.

Follow us on NassPay social media accounts: Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn , Youtube , Twitter , and Snapchat to be part of the network to receive the latest news and competitions.

Watch us on YouTube and view our videos to improve your general knowledge of the NassPay card and get expert tips on how to use it.

Should you require any further information use these platforms to talk directly with one of our customer service professional, .